CD: Türk Keyboard Sonatas Collections I and II, Michael Tsalka

CD: Türk Keyboard Sonatas Collections I and II, Michael Tsalka

National Music Museum

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Two CD Set:  Türk Keyboard Sonatas Collections I and II (1776-1777), performed by Michael Tsalka

Daniel Gottlob Türk is best known for his influential pedagogical treatise Klavierschule (1789). His 48 inventive and varied keyboard sonatas were influenced by Sonatas of other North German composers such as CPE Bach and JW Hässler. The five historical keyboards employed in this recording reflect the diversity of the instruments available in Türk’s day. The twelve sonatas encompassed in his first and second collections show how the composer’s sensitive, at times dramatic, oratorical style relates beautifully to the nuanced expressive capabilities of these instruments.

This two (2) CD set features the following NMM keyboards:

  • Clavichord by Johann Paul Kraemer & Sons, Goettingen, 1804. Unfretted.  FF-a3 (5+ octaves).  Rawlins Fund, 1983.  NMM 3335.
  • Harpsichord by Joseph Kirckman, London, 1798. Double manual, FF-f3 (5 octaves); 2 x 8', 1 x 4', lute, buff. Six hand stops. Two pedals: machine stop, Venetian swell. Rawlins Fund, 1983. NMM 3328.
  • Spinet by Johann Heinrich Silbermann, Strasbourg, 1785. Single manual, FF-f3 (5 octaves).  Rawlins Fund, 1999.  NMM 6205.
  • Tangentenflügel (tangent piano) by Spath & Schmahl, Regensburg, 1784.  FF-f3 (5 octaves). Two knee levers for una corda and dampers, two hand stops (buff and moderator).  Rawlins Fund, 1987.  NMM 4145.
  • Grand piano by Anton Martin Thÿm, Vienna, ca. 1815-1820. Seven pedals:  una corda, harp(buff plus dampers raised), bassoon, dampers, strong moderator, medium moderator, and Janissary (bells and drums).  Rawlins Fund, 1985.  NMM 3587.

Recorded at the NMM on August 2-5, 2010.    

Duration:  CD 1:  77' 55", CD 2:  79' 06"  Total playing time:  2' 37".

 CD - Michael Tsalka plays Turk Keyboard Sonatas

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