CDs/DVDs - CD: American Romance, Performed by The Rawlins Trio

CD: American Romance, Performed by The Rawlins Trio


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CD: American Romance, performed by The Rawlins Trio

American Romance features lush compositions by Newark, New Jersey native, Henry Holden Huss (1862-1953); Mortimer Wilson (1876-1932), of Charlton, Iowa; and, Adolf Martin Foerster (1854-1927), of Pittsburgh. Recorded by The Rawlins Piano Trio (Susan Keith Gray, piano; John Thomson, violin; Richard Rognstad, cello) members of the Department of Music at The University of South Dakota. The trio's third CD has been called ". . . fascinating and enjoyable chamber music . . ." by the American Record GuideGramophone magazine summed up its review by noting, "What's so wrong with nostalgia when it sounds as appealing as this?"

Albany Records U.S., 2004.  Duration:  64' 39"

CD - American Romance

Track List (click links below to hear MP3 excerpts):

Henry Holden Huss:  Trio in d minor, Opus 23, "The Munich"

  1. Allegro molto appassionata
  2. Intermezzo (Romance)
  3. Scherzo
  4. Finale

Mortimer Wilson:  Suite, "From My Youth," Opus 5
  5. Funeral of a Calico Cat, Opus 5, No. 5
  6. Love-Song of an Alpine Doll, Opus 5, No. 6
  7. Tin-Soldier Dress-Parade, Opus 5, No. 7
  8. Over the Little Blue Tea-Set, Opus 5, No. 8

Adolph M. Foerster:  Serenade, Opus 61
   9. Tempo rubato
  10. Andante sostenuto
  11. Allegro molto