CDs/DVDs - CD: Four American Composers, Performed by The Rawlins Trio

CD: Four American Composers, Performed by The Rawlins Trio


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CD: A World Premier Recording by The Rawlins Piano Trio: Four American Composers 

This CD marks the first recording of the works by Henry Hadley and Daniel Gregory Mason and includes re-issues of those by Ernst Bloch and Charles Wakefield Cadman. These composers represent the musical mainstream of the early 20th century when American classical music was finding its voice. Recorded by The Rawlins Piano Trio (Susan Keith Gray, piano; John Thomson, violin; Richard Rognstad, cello) University of South Dakota.

Albany, New York: Albany Records, 1998.  Duration:  65' 28"

CD - Four American Composers

Track List (click links below to hear MP3 excerpts): 

Henry Hadley: Trio, Opus 132
  1.  Allegro moderato
  2.  Scherzo: Allegro molto vivace
  3.  Andante
  4.  Finale: Allegro con fuoco

Daniel Gregory Mason: Sentimental Sketches, Opus 34
  5.  Rosina
  6.  Nancibel
  7.  Swan on the Lake
  8.  Citronella Sue

Ernest Bloch: Three Nocturnes
  9.  Andante
10.  Andante quieto
11.  Tempestoso

Charles Wakefield Cadman: Trio in D Major, Opus 56
12.  Allegro maestoso
13.  Andante cantabile
14.  Vivace energico